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Personal Loans & Credit Cards

Personal Loans & Credit Cards

Personal Loans & Credit Cards

Personal Financing Options

Bank of Canton can assist you with a variety of flexible, convenient personal financing options.

With great rates, fast approval processes, and superior service from our personal bankers, a Bank of Canton personal loan or line of credit can be a smart choice for your credit needs.

Loans, Lines & Credit Cards

We offer a variety of personal credit cards through our partnership with TCM Bank, N.A.

Enjoy greater flexibility and peace of mind when you add overdraft protection to your Bank of Canton checking account.

We offer a competitive fixed rate on our personal four-year term loans. You can borrow as little as $500 and as much as $5,000, and use the funds however you wish, without restriction. Borrowers can make fixed monthly payments over the life of the loan, and there’s no prepayment penalty for those who wish to repay the entire outstanding balance early.

Savers loans allow you to borrow against funds that you have on deposit with Bank of Canton. Instead of breaking a CD or withdrawing funds to pay expenses, a savers loan enables you to keep funds on deposit, remain focused on your savings goals, while also financing short-term debt.

You can borrow up to 90% of the balance of your Bank of Canton CD or passbook account, in amounts of $500 and up, and pay a low interest rate on the balance while your deposits continues to earn their annual percentage yield (APY). Each month, you can make an interest-only payment or a principal-and-interest payment until the loan is paid off. Speak with a personal banker for current interest rates on our savers loans.

With a Bank of Canton auto loan, you can borrow funds at a low fixed rate to purchase new or used vehicles (up to 5 years old). You can borrow up to 90% of the purchase price for new autos, or up to 100% of NADA trade-in value for used autos.