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Management Team

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Leadership & Expertise

Together, these experienced banking professionals guide the policies and practices that result in the unparalleled products, services and support we provide to our customers and communities.


Experience the difference of working with a local mutual bank. Our expert bankers and lenders will be happy to discuss all of your banking and financing questions.

Meet Your Team
Steve Costello headshot

Stephen P. Costello

President & Chief Executive Officer

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"Bank of Canton was founded in 1835 to serve customers who were neglected by the large commercial banks. Today, supporting and developing our communities remains at the core of our mission. We deliver the innovative banking services that our consumer and business customers need, and we invest our resources – both personal and financial – into local organizations that strengthen our communities. It's your decision to bank with us that makes that possible. I thank all those who support Bank of Canton with their patronage, and I invite those unfamiliar with us to discover the difference."

Christopher Lake

SVP, Chief Financial Officer

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"The financial management of a community-focused bank contributes to future growth and strength of the organization. Bank of Canton maintains a very balanced and consistent approach to conducting business with the communities and customers we serve. The bank will continue to adapt to the changing regulatory environment, changes in technology, and changes in the economy to remain a strong resource for our customers."
Michael Lindberg headshot

Michael F. Lindberg

Executive Vice President

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"I view my role in commercial lending as that of a facilitator. My team of talented and experienced lenders – we're facilitators. We listen to our clients and business partners; we understand their financial objectives; and then we figure out how to make it happen. With our knowledge of the local landscape, we're able to add value to our clients' projects along the way. In that way, we're more than just your lender. We're your partner. We're committed to your success. That's our mission."

J. Scott Gannon

SVP, Residential & Consumer Lending

NMLS ID#: 80565

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"We're passionate about helping families and individuals realize their dreams: owning or remodeling a home, or simply living more comfortably through responsible borrowing. Our success comes from understanding our customers – individually, as clients (each with unique needs and circumstances), as well as collectively, as a community (which informs the types of financing and grant programs we offer). We listen; we know our local markets; and we come to work each day eager to serve and support those in our communities."
Michelle Higgins headshot

Michelle Higgins

SVP, Human Resources

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"So much goes into our commitment to top-notch service – especially the associates who serve our customers each and every day! At Bank of Canton, we recruit, hire, and help to develop high-caliber professionals who share our values, and who are encouraged and motivated to represent our bank with a smile and an offer to help. We look for people who believe that knowing and appreciating our customers is tantamount to our success, as well as yours."

Shannon Mahoney

SVP, Compliance/CRA/Risk Officer

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"To meet the evolving financial needs of our customers and communities, we must continually reassess our approach to risk management, with a program that can respond to changes in the regulatory environment, changes in customer needs and expectations, and changes in business strategy and macroeconomic conditions. The way we manage and mitigate risk helps ensure safety, soundness, and a better banking experience for our customers."
Rhonda Kale headshot

Rhonda L. Kale

SVP, Compliance & CRA

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"It’s all about doing the right thing. Banks are subject to a myriad of federal and state laws, rules and regulations. At Bank of Canton, we effectively navigate through these laws and consistently succeed in helping our customers achieve their financial goals. We’re mindful of the requirements – that’s for sure – but we also strive to do good business that both fits into the regulatory framework and supports the communities we serve. We realize that their success is our success!"
Peter Shea headshot

Peter M. Shea

SVP, Operations

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"In today’s world of ever-changing technology, it's crucial that we keep our eye on the ball and train our employees and customers to do the same. The bank's operational support services (including Information Technology, Facilities, Security and Bank Operations) are charged with providing reliable, seamless access to information while also minimizing risk and remaining vigilant about information security. We're committed to always providing our customers with a convenient, secure banking experience."