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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

A Future of Security & Certainty

An estate plan from B.O.C. Life Solutions will help you and your family protect and secure your assets. It can act as a shield against nursing home costs, and as a roadmap for navigating the challenges of advanced care and beyond. It puts you in control – not only of your future, but your family’s future too.

We'll Help You and Your Family:

We’ll structure your estate to your best advantage. By utilizing Medicaid Planning Trusts and other shielded vehicles, many clients find themselves fully covered by Medicaid, and can avoid making private contributions toward nursing home care altogether.

We’ll help you designate a Health Care Proxy, to assist with your medical decisions. If you ever become incapacitated, your loved ones and caregivers will know exactly who to contact for decisions about your medical care.

By creating trusts and making planned gifts, we can help you minimize the amount of assets in your name that pass to your beneficiaries…thus reducing the amount of estate taxes owed. More of your estate will remain in your family, instead of being forfeited to the government as estate tax.

With a properly structured trust, your beneficiaries can avoid the delays, legal expenses, and uncertainties of probate court. Estates can be settled privately in less than three months, as opposed to a year or more through probate. Plus, you can be certain your assets will be disbursed exactly as you intend, without a court’s intervention or interference.

Once you have a plan, we can help you keep it up to date to reflect changes in your financial situation and beneficiaries. We can perform periodic reviews and provide recommendations to keep you protected.