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Card Protection Technology

Card Protection Technology

Card Protection Technology

24/7 Fraud Monitoring

As the number of electronic payment transactions continues to rise, so, too, does the amount of fraudulent activity. That’s why Bank of Canton has a proactive risk management technology to continuously monitor your Bank of Canton debit and credit card activity.

Bank of Canton's Risk Manager

Our risk manager is an industry leading, comprehensive fraud detection solution. It spots subtle changes in your card’s normal card usage pattern, and compares them to confirmed reports of fraudulent activity. Experienced fraud analysts monitor your card’s activity around the clock, watching for suspicious transactions.

If an analyst believes a fraudulent transaction might have occurred on your account, they will contact you to confirm the validity of the transaction. If fraud has occurred, then the analyst will advise you of the necessary next steps to reverse the related charge(s), and how to further protect your account.

In order to best protect our customers’ accounts, our risk management technology flags any and all unusual card usage as potential fraud. It doesn’t know that you are simply using your card on vacation unless we make prior adjustments. That’s why we encourage you to contact us before you go on vacation, so that we can adjust the fraud monitoring service to authorize your transactions. We want you to enjoy your vacation, without any interruptions in card service. You can call us, or complete and return our Travel Notice located in our Help Center.

At Bank of Canton, our goal is to give you the best fraud protection so you can enjoy the convenience of your Bank of Canton card(s). If you have any questions regarding our fraud protection service, please contact a member of our staff at 888.828.1690.