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Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Positive Pay

Fraud Protection with Positive Pay

Positive Pay with ACH Filter Block is a best-in-class transaction management platform from Centrix/Q2 that’s designed to mitigate risk, detect fraud and simplify account reconciliation.

How Positive Pay Protects You

Positive pay works with your existing accounting software to ensure the authenticity of all checks presented for payment against your account. If positive pay detects a mismatch between your check register and a presented item, an exception is generated for your review and approval before the item is paid. You can review the item detail (including a check image) before deciding whether or not to pay it.

Similarly, ACH transactions on your account are compared to a set of customizable preauthorization rules. You can establish monitoring and payment rules based upon company name, industry, transaction type (debit or credit), and maximum dollar amount.

Additional Features

In addition to fraud protection benefits, positive pay also helps with account reconciliation and automated ACH reporting. Customers have access to full account reconcilement tools, and can create extract files of posted transaction activity.

Customization & Setup

Our team is ready to assist you with initial setup, and will help you customize the platform to your exact requirements. You can choose between our standard positive pay package, or check-only or ACH-only positive pay for a reduced monthly fee.

Visit our Help Center FAQs for additional information about positive pay.

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