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Protect Your Card, Using Your Phone

CardValet® is a free mobile app that lets you control the security settings and usage restrictions on your Bank of Canton debit card. It adds a customized layer of security on top of the bank’s ongoing fraud monitoring system.*

Customize Card Settings & Alerts

With CardValet, you can:

  • Turn your card off and on, using a simple slider. When off, all transactions (except for recurring) will be declined.
  • Set transaction spend limits, geographic locations where your cards can be used, and merchant categories.
  • Establish real-time alerts.
  • Limit card use by transaction type (such as ATM, online, in-store, and/or mobile).
  • View recent transaction history.

You can update your settings anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device. The changes are effective immediately.

Getting Started

Download the CardValet app on your iPhone (iPhone 4S devices or later) or Android smartphone (versions 4.1 or later). Once you register your Bank of Canton debit card in the app, you can begin customizing its settings. More information about CardValet is available in our Help Center‘s FAQ section.


*For your security, in cases where the settings of the bank’s fraud monitoring service and CardValet differ, the more restrictive setting will take precedence. This means that certain transactions outside your geography may still be declined even if your CardValet settings do not prohibit them. Please continue to contact us before traveling, so that we may adjust the master geographic usage restrictions on your debit card.

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